The Darwin Project is now Free to Play

Arena based combat game The Darwin Project is now Free to Play. The announcement came today on their steam page and live stream.

The game while in early access has yet to build a large base of players and was already seeing a drop-off. With Battle Royal games like Fortnite and now Radical Heights also being Free to Play it’s easy to understand why The Darwin Project would follow suit.

Unlike typical Battle Royal games, The Darwin Project takes more cues from the Hunger Games than just the simple last man standing concept. Instead of 100 players, the game has 10. The other major differences are the unique director role. The director is meant to be the announcer of the game and can manipulate elements within the arena such as healing players and altering the environment.

They also announced and showed off a new glider item which looks reminiscent of the glider in Breath of The Wild. With hundreds of new cosmetics and a F2P model, we expect to see a major uptick in players. The Darwin project is currently available for early access on Steam and Xbox One, with the free to play update arriving shortly.

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