Bill Nye the Labo Guy

Nintendo partnered with Bill Nye for a great promotional video showcasing the Nintendo Labo to celebrate its release.


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Over the years Nintendo has had a difficult time with messaging. The Wii U was one of the worst offenders in this case, with Nintendo never quite explaining why we needed a tablet controller. With the Switch, Nintendo has managed to turn that around and have a very clear and concise message behind all of their recent releases.

Nintendo Labo continues this trend. This strange DIY crafting game was certainly confusing at first, but by the time their initial announcement video was complete, it was easy to see Nintendo had a real winner on their hands.



Now with the release of the Labo Nintendo has put out a great new video showcasing all of it’s benefits. Choosing Bill Nye, popular scientist and science communicator was a brilliant move for their advertisement.


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In the video Bill Nye is seen with a few of the Labo projects and we watch as he learns how to construct and play with them. It’s an engaging and wonderful video that clearly explains what the Labo experience is like. 

If you’re on the fence about Nintendo Labo, have a child, or just like to tinker, I highly recommend you take a moment and check out this fun and instructive demo.

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