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Produced and owned by Christian Humes, ZyteHeist was first formed as a small group of Podcasts in late 2015. Artist owned and produced series featuring up and coming creators. A community of self driven voices dedicated to crafting interesting narratives and engaging with their audiences.

Current and Upcoming Podcasts: 

ZyteHeist Podcast



Voices In America

Talk through the week in Pop-culture and more the ZyteHeist Family.

Producer: Christian Humes

Cast: Christian Humes, Emily Langston, John Murphy

John Murphy and Christian Humes are joined by guests on their re-watch of the hit PBS series.

Producer: John Murphy

Cast: John Murphy,  Christian Humes

The Mostly Video Game Comedy podcast

Producer: Christian Humes

Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello, Dan Weine, Tom Caswell

Writer, Producer and Lawyer, Jonathan Shapiro discusses immigration with modern day immigrants and those working in the field.

Producer: Christian Humes

Cast: Jonathan Shapiro

Black & Yellow

Thank You For Questing

Jack Loves TV

Same Day Shipping

Alana J. Webster and Jacklyn Chung-Young don’t hold back when discussing societal issues facing women and people of color.

Producer: Christian Humes

Cast: Alana Webster, Jaclyn Chun-Young

The Mostly Improv RPG Podcast, It's Time For Adventure

Producer: Omar Najam

Cast: Omar Najam, Chris Bramante, Kelly Nugent, Mia Resella

Jack Kelly, TV Obsessed discusses series with guests

Producer: Christian Humes

Cast: Jack Kelly

Real Love, Fake Relationships of the most beloved fictional characters

Producer: Kelly Nugent

Cast: Kelly Nugent, Colin J. Morris, Patrick Elhers, Ryan Mogee

Sunnydale Study Group

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Omar and Chris discuss Buffy, Angel and all things Sunnydale

Producer: Omay & Chris

Cast: Omar Najam, Chris Bramante

New Interview Series

Christian Humes has one on one discussions with creators, makers, artists, and influencers.

Television and Film Recap & Rewatch Podcast

Producer: Christian Humes

Cast: John Murphy, Christian Humes & Guests

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Monday: Sunnydale Study Group

Tuesday: ZyteHeist Podcast, Jack Loves TV

Wednesday: Thank You For Questing, WatchWorld

Thursday: Black & Yellow, Wishboning

Friday: Unranked, Same Day Shipping