About Us

ZyteHeist was first formed as a small group of Podcasts in late 2015. Since then we have expanded to written and video content, as well as increased our presence as a Podcast Network. Commenting on popular culture while having real discussions about the state of our world. One day at a time.

Current and Upcoming Podcasts: 

ZyteHeist Podcast

Talk through the week with the ZyteHeist Family.


John Murphy and Christian Humes are joined by guests on their re-watch of the hit PBS series.



The be all end of all Videogame podcasts.

Voices in America

Writer, Producer and Lawyer, Jonathan Shapiro discusses immigration with modern day immigrants and those working in the field.

Black & Yellow

Alana J. Webster and Jacklyn Chung-Young don’t hold back when discussing societal issues facing women and people of color.


Coming Soon.

Christian Humes has one on one discussions with creators, makers, artists, and influencers.


Find us:

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Tuesday: ZyteHeist Podcast

Wednesday: Voices in America - On break until S2

Thursday: Black & Yellow - Wishboning

Friday: Unranked