Thank You For Questing

About the show

Thank You For Questing! is a (mostly) improvised fantasy rpg show where the players can, at any time, change the details of the universe by rolling against the GM. In this story, three creatures from the sleepy town of Willow Creek embark into the greater world to become heroes, traveling to locations inspired by holidays, seasons, and celebrations from our world. But despite their plucky personalities and colorful characters they meet, a dark secret casts a shadow on their adventure..

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RPG by Omar Najam


The music of Thank You For Questing created by Analise Nelson

Cast & Crew

Omar Najam is a writer, director and aspiring imagineer currently living in Los Angeles. He has gotten to work on projects with companies like Geek&Sundry, Machinima, Loot Crate, Vertigo Entertainment, DC Comics, Lifetime, Saving Throw and HyperRPG. He runs the Sunnydale Study Group, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast with cohost Chris Bramante, and in his spare time enjoys reading, writing, playing guitar, going for walks, watching classic movies, knitting and other exciting action-packed, tour de force activities.


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Our Heroes

On TYFQ, Chris plays “Akrellis”, a riddle-telling winged amphibian creature known as a Prillik (resembles a frog combined with a sphinx). He’s meek in nature, massive in size and is better at asking riddles than he is at solving them. He wears gloves to ensure that the translucent goop that covers his body doesn’t prevent him from using his limbs properly. He enjoys lengthy hops on the beach and secretly seeks to get out of his family riddling business.

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