Fantasy League

Fantasy Publisher League

In 2017 we ran a fantasy Leauge comprised of 8 video games per person. After a hard fought year Tom was awarded the first ever Publishers Cup. This year we have added new rules and more teams for the 2018 Fantasy Publisher League. This year we are going all out, with real steaks on the line, and a surprise punishment for the 2018 season loser.

Download your spreadsheet to play along, then follow all updates here.



Mid Season Update

Having completed the Mid-Season draft we have updated the final year rosters for both our teams and all available games on the draft image below. This way you can keep track of your points and stay up to date with ours.


This season we decided to make the game a little more interesting. Whomever loses this years fantasy league will have their Gamertag changed for the entirety of 2019. The new Gamertag will be chosen by the winner of this season. So now that you know about the stakes get ready for a crazy back half of the year!

2018 Draft


Each player drafts 16 total teams, four teams must be taken from each category. There will be a total of 8 teams remaining, two in each category.

Use to randomly select list order, then snake back and forth until draft is finished. Mid-Season draft will begin in reverse order.


Scores will be taken from Metacritic at 12pm PST the date following NA release. In the event of a Games as a Service title having an extended review period (such as Destiny 2), we will take the score on the date following IGNs review at 12pm PST, or a maximum of 14 days following NA release. Early Access titles will be given reviews when IGN has given those titles a score.

In 2017 we used IGN, but to avoid games not receiving reviews we decided to change our scoring system.

Multiplatform titles will receive the score given to them under their category. If no score is awarded it will recieve 0 points.

Example: UFO 50 will be on multiple platforms, but the PC review score on Metacritic is the one which will be used.

It is possible that a game will be delayed or canceled. If a game does not come out it is scored as 0 points. The list was built with the risk of a title not releasing in mind.


There will be a second draft during the mid-season. This will account for unannounced titles and events such as E3, we will have a second draft week July 1st-7th.

The second drafting round will add two additional teams to each players roster.

In addition to the new teams, players can also replace two of their unscored teams during this period.

The new and replacement teams can be selected from a pool comprised of the original 8 remaining titles, as well as a pool of currently unannounced titles.


Stipulations for subbing games out during the second draft round
-A canceled title cannot be subbed out, it is considered a score of 0.
-A scored game can not be subbed out
-If one of the 8 remaining titles has a score it cannot be added to your team
-A delayed title is not subject to replacement.

How to play with less than four people

The league was built to accommodate 4 players. You have many options at your disposal, such as picking the easiest path and selecting your top 16.

If you would like more of a challenge here is our recommendation.

Use Random.Org and their list generator to replace any missing opponents you have. Run their list generator, and use the order of games selected against you in a mock draft.

For example: If you are playing solo, select a title, then take the first three titles the list generates and place them into other teams or cross out the titles. Continue this process using the list against you in a mock draft.

The other option is to play BINGO style and have the list generate your entire team, just don't forget to select 4 from each category only.

You can download a sheet & PDF version here.


After a long year of canceled titles and delayed games the 2017 season came to an end. It was as dramatic as it could have been, with Alex having the season in the bag requiring only 7.5 points to tie and 7.6 or above to win. Unfortunatly for him, Toe Jam & Earl: BitG was delayed, leaving it all up to EA. Thanks to the worst implimentation of loot boxes ever, we had a pushed back review and a surprisingly low score of 7.0 for Star Wars Battlefront 2, giving the season win to Tom.