Fantasy League

Fantasy Publisher League

The Video Game Fantasy League! Where we draft games to our own rosters and build our teams. The team with the highest cumulative review score at the end of the season wins! Tom Caswell is our 2017 & 2018 winner, let the 2019 games begin!

The 2019 season takes place between Jan 21st and Dec 14th 2019

Download your spreadsheet to play along, then follow all updates here.


2019 Teams

Drafts URNK April


Drafts April


There are 16 gaming genre categories which must be filled, each player get's to draft 22 titles during the season start, benching additional titles as replacements.

Use to randomly select list order, then snake back and forth until draft is finished. Mid-Season draft will begin in reverse order.



We are moving away from the 2018 Metacritic score to Open Critic for 2019.

A game must be moved into your active roster prior to 7 days of release, if the game is not moved from the bench it will not be counted towards your score. Once an active game has a score, it can not be moved out of your active roster unless switched with an un-scored title from your bench.

Final scores will be taken on Dec 14th, as titles may continue to change by receiving new reviews throughout the year.

It is possible that a game will be delayed or canceled. If a game does not come out it is scored as 0 points. There is always the risk of a title not releasing.



With the new bench players are allowed to trade, you may not trade already released and scored titles. Trades can take place cross genre.



There will be a second draft during the mid-season. This will account for unannounced titles and events such as E3, we will have a second draft list on the week of July 1st

The second drafting round will allow players to select 8 additional games,

The new and replacement teams can be selected from a pool comprised of the original unreleased and unselected titles, as well as a pool of currently unannounced titles.



How to play with less than four people

The league was built to accommodate 4 players. You have many options at your disposal, such as picking the easiest path and selecting your top 16.

If you would like more of a challenge here is our recommendation.

Use Random.Org and their list generator to replace any missing opponents you have. Run their list generator, and use the order of games selected against you in a mock draft.

For example: If you are playing solo, select a title, then take the first three titles the list generates and place them into other teams or cross out the titles. Continue this process using the list against you in a mock draft.

The other option is to play BINGO style and have the list generate your entire team, just don't forget to select 4 from each category only.

You can download a sheet & PDF version here.

2018 Results


After a long year of canceled titles and delayed games the 2017 season came to an end. It was as dramatic as it could have been, with Alex having the season in the bag requiring only 7.5 points to tie and 7.6 or above to win. Unfortunatly for him, Toe Jam & Earl: BitG was delayed, leaving it all up to EA. Thanks to the worst implimentation of loot boxes ever, we had a pushed back review and a surprisingly low score of 7.0 for Star Wars Battlefront 2, giving the season win to Tom.