John Murphy and Christian Humes embark on a journey, centered on the hit PBS series Wishbone. Listen and watch as the town of Oakdale endures the trials and tribulations of three teenage children and their talking dog. Wishboning provides a comedic insight to 90's children's television and culture. Join us on this expedition as we discuss the tales of Wishbone the little dog with a big imagination.

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John is a Los Angeles based screenwriter and podcaster. Originally from Phoenix, John is also a dual American/Canadian citizen, so he could totally leave if things really start to go south in the next year or two. When he is not writing animated TV and Features, John enjoys reading the classics, writing about the odd questions in life that go unanswered, or just generally crushing anything he puts his mind to. John doesn’t believe in the Illuminati, but very much knows the Illuminati believe in him.

Season 2

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