Voices in America


Voices in America are the stories of 21st-century pilgrims; who they are, how they got here, why they came, and what they think about their new country. As the nation debates immigration, Voices in America invites you to do one revolutionary thing: Listen

““Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.””

We aim to give voice to people who have fled to the U.S. in order to save their lives and the people who have volunteered to help them. Using narrative to shine a light into the Kafkaesque world of immigration policy and law in the hope that people we might open some eyes and hearts. Public Counsel of Los Angeles, the nation’s largest provider of pro bono legal services is helping produce the show.

Voices In America will introduce a number of amazing people and their stores to the world. They include Javier, a refugee from gang violence in San Salvador, who fled to the U.S. at the age of 11 with his 8 year old brother; Syrian artists who spoke out against the government’s use of torture, and now face arrest and death if they are forced to return, and a doctor from the Congo who was tortured for having told Human Rights Watch about the murder of innocent protestors.

Each one of these stories carries a weight of truth and hope. America was founded by immigrants, and we continue to grow and change because of it. Telling the stories of immigrants today allows us to hear the voices of those who will shape our future.


Shapiro is a former federal prosecutor and law professor. He is the creator/executive producer of the Amazon Prime series Goliath and co-executive producer of the NBC series The Blacklist. He has written two book --Lawyers, Liars and the Art of Storytelling and the novel Deadly Force — and is the founder of the Public Counsel Emergency Fund for Torture Victims.  


Producer and Editor for online media. Former Cinematographer. Creator of The Zyte Heist Podcast Network. Host and Producer of various podcasts, such as The Zyte Heist Podcast, Unranked and Producer & Editor of The Broad Cast.


Judy London is the Directing Attorney of Public Counsel’s Immigrant’s Rights Project. The former Legal Director of the Central American Resource Center in Los Angles, she is an Adjunct Law Professor at UCLA Law School teaching a clincial course on immigration law, focusing on the representation of asylum-seekers.