Podcast Games

Podcast Games

We talk about a lot of games, why not play some with us. Learn the rules here.

GONG: Game Or No Game

After receiving the title of a video game, players are given 3 answers to choose from. One is the real summary of the game, the other is a fake description and the third option is that neither are real and the title is entirely fabricated.

Russian Roulette

Players have to uncover a hidden answer through a series of clues. At the start of the round a 45-second timer that counts down between each clue. Players are given a single guess per clue to uncover the secret title, object, video game or another related topic. The first player to correctly guess the answer receives points. The fewer clues given the more points are scored.

PUBT: Pub Trivia

A hardcore trivia game for the deep cuts. Rounds include real or fake news, anagrams, grab bag, developer match ups and more. Grab a pen and paper and play along!

Hey! Listen!

A standard round of trivia with a twist. These questions are all audio based. Test your knowledge of video game themes, sound effects, and voices in this game.


Our favorite icons of gaming are looking for love, and you’re looking for the clues to discover their identity. Players have the dating profiles of characters read out to them. Pay attention to their likes and dislikes, hobbies and personalities. Hints and clues are hidden within each profile.

VR: Virtual Receipts

Players are given an instruction set describing the contents and ingredients list in a video game. Listen carefully for context clues to uncover the hidden messages in each recipe. These clues will reveal the title of the game.

Rate That Game Game

The review score guessing game. A theme is chosen and the host has picked 5 video games scores throughout history. Players need to correctly guess the closest to the actual score. The closer you are to the real review given the fewer points you receive. The player with the least points at the end of the game wins. Players also receive bonus points if they guess the score perfectly.

Wiki Racers

Players are given a video game Wikipedia page to begin. When the round starts their destination page is then revealed and a timer counts down from 5 minutes. When a player reaches the destination page only through clinking links from the start their time is then allocated. The player with the least amount of time at the end of the game wins.

Tuna’s Trivia

It’s like PUBT, or any other game we play. Except Alex hosts it, we almost never play and all the questions and answers are about him.

The Campaign

DnD based role-playing game. Alex, Dan, and Tom attempt to navigate the story Christian (The GM) has crafted for their characters.