Podcast Games

Podcast Games

We talk about a lot of games, why not play some with us. Learn the rules here.


Game Or No Game

The title of a video game is given along with two descriptions, one of these may be real or the title could be entirely fake. Guess correctly to win.

Russian Roulette

A series of clues are given and the the hosts must work together to correctly guess the game, item or character in as few clues as possible.

PUBT: Pub Trivia

A hardcore trivia game for the deep cuts. Rounds include real or fake news, anagrams, grab bag, developer match ups and more. Grab a pen and paper and play along!

Hey! Listen!

A standard round of trivia with a twist. These questions are all audio based. Test your knowledge of video game themes, sound effects, and voices in this game.


Video game characters need love, swipe through these 8 dating profiles and guess the most who they are to win.

VR: Virtual Recipes

What might sound like a recipe turns out to be the description of a video game. Can you guess which one?

Rate That Game Game

The review score guessing game. Players guess review scores of 5 games from a particular theme. Closest overall wins!

Alan's Turing Test

Alan 3000 has taken clips from all of our hosts former conversations. it's up to you to pick apart the glitches and guess what the hosts we're really saying.

Tuna’s Trivia

It’s like PUBT, or any other game we play. Except Alex hosts it, we almost never play and all the questions and answers are about him or completely arbitrary.

Side Quest

Improv based RPG on the first episode of every month. Christian cooks up a new scenario for the guys and they have to do their best to make it through.

Prime Time

Alex collects reviews for gaming related items from amazon and reads them until the players correctly guess the object.


A Garage Sale auction. Tom collects the worth of various games and the players attempt to outbid one another to buy the most valuable items.