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Forward-thinking feminists Alana J. Webster and Jacklyn Chung-Young don’t hold back when discussing societal issues facing women and people of color in the new weekly podcast, Black & Yellow. Armed with research and wit, the ladies delve into the complexities of being a Black or Asian woman in today’s world. From CP Time to sexual harassment, Jacklyn and Alana offer their intersectional perspective on what’s happening in our society today and ways to stay as woke as possible.

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Alana J. Webster
Jacklyn Chung-Young

Alana J. Webster is a fashion and feminism loving native Angeleno who hails from Venice, CA, She is the daughter of an African American retired educator for the Long Beach Unified School District and an African American judge who still works to keep LA's streets clean and safe today. It was through her parents and their colleagues that she received a vital education in African American History and Critical Race Theory. Though she spent her formative years beachside, she received a B.A in Drama (with a minor in Dance) from Ithaca College. Alana has always had a passion for the arts, and when she is not podcasting, she is looking for television shows or doing voice-overs for commercials and radio ads. Simply put, this girl doesn't shut up! Away from the mic, Alana writes for her fashion blog, Renegade of Fun, plays competitive dodgeball, and is a proud pescetarian of almost two decades. Alana and Jacklyn are stoked to apply their gifts of gab to their new podcast, Black and Yellow, and are even more excited to join the ZyteHeist family!

Jacklyn Chung-Young is an LA native born and raised in southern California. Her family is originally from Taiwan and immigrated to Brazil when her mother was just 10 years old. Therefore Jacklyn has spent a lot of time growing up in Brazil visiting family and is fluent in Portuguese. She's been in the arts for majority of her life, dancing and acting since the age of 7. After graduating with a BFA in Acting from AMDA, College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts, she is well on the pursuit of achieving her dreams! Jacklyn loves to be active in life, you'll often hear her talking about cooking at home with her family, working out, taking care of her tortoises, and enjoying what life has to offer her! She is so excited to be co-hosting Black and Yellow with Alana, since she's always loved talking (maybe a little too much) and especially discussing topics that she is passionate about!

Episode Posts


Minorities and Music Festivals

  The modern music festival is a rite of passage for young Americans in search of harmony and hedonism. While music festivals pride themselves on an “all is welcome”...


Get Born

Pregnancy and the birthing experiences are not created equal. Black and Asian women face their own sets of trials and tribulations. In this episode, Alana and Jacklyn look at...


Troubled Waters

To beat the summer heat, most Americans head to the nearest swimming pool. Unless, of course, you are one of the 70% of African Americans in the U.S that can’t swim. Pools and...


Thug Life

In the U.S., media representation of “thugs” is overwhelmingly Black. In International films, Asian (men) get their piece of the thuggish rugggish pie. In this episode,...


Who You Callin’ Cheap?

 The stereotype of the cheap Asian is pervasive, but is it true? In this episode, Jack and Alana examine this penny- pinching cliché to see where it came from, why it’s so...


The Name Game

Names are something given to a child at birth. But what if you had the opportunity to give yourself a new name once you moved to a new country? This is the experience of many...


So What. It’s Just Soccer

The World Cup is in full swing! While Soccer might be a world sport, Americans by and large don’t give much of a fuck about it. This is especially true when it comes to...


Check Ya Head

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. While talking about the importance of seeking mental health help is a hot topic in the media, it can often be hard for minorities...


What’s My Age Again?

AGE. This simple three-letter word sends people into a frantic tailspin to turn back the clock. However, Black and Asian women are not so frantic about this inevitability of...


No Regrets: Remembering Anthony Bourdain

He taught us that brunch was a scam, took us to parts unknown, traveled and ate without reservations, and stressed how the ordinary can be extraordinary. This culinary, literary,...


Traveling While Colored: Part 2 (Arrived! Now What?)

Congrats minority traveler! You’ve done it! You carefully pondered your travel destination, planned, saved, and now you have arrived at your desired location. Time to vacay! But...


Traveling While Colored: Part 1 (Getting There)

Summer & travel go together like peanut butter and jelly. Who doesn’t love a vacation? While most vacay planning is stressful, there is an added layer of anxiety for...


Hands Off My Hair

Black Hair has been heavily politicized for decades. Does Asian hair face the same level of politics? Black women look at hair care and hair upkeep as a full time job. Can the...


Seminal Word: N***a

To some, the word n***a is the ultimate racial slur. To others, this word is utilized in other ways. In this episode: Alana and Jacklyn delve into how Black Americans use this...


Unpacking This Is America

Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) has done it! He has generously provided us with the music video of the year and given us many political, racial, and societal issues to...


Single Mamas

Find us on Instagram: @blackandyellowpodcast Alana J. Webster: @renegadeoffun Jacklyn Chung Young: @jacklynchungyoung Listen & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play,...


To Assimilate or Not To Assimilate

An immigrant has to make a lot of decisions when choosing to migrate to America, but once here, a different set of choices emerges. One of those decisions is whether or not to...


Internalized Racism

Racism served up by a member of a different ethnicity is hurtful, but racism doled out by a person who looks like you is it’s own unique punch in the gut. Internalized racism or...


Slowing Down On Fast Fashion

Stores like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and Primark are changing the fashion landscape. They aren’t only rapidly translating high fashion designs into low priced garments. They...


Black People: Dope By Default?

Swag. Chill. Dope. The Bomb. Breezy. Fly. All of these words are synonyms for the word “cool”. These adjectives are also commonly assigned to Black People when describing how...


You Can’t Sit With Us

Why do Black people always hang out together? Why do Asian people only hang out with other Asians? Do minorities only have minority friends? In short, we don’t, they don’t,...


Gun Violence: Not So Black and White

Mass shootings affect our society in different ways. While White America is saddened and angry, Black America is enraged and confused. In this episode, Alana and Jacklyn examine...


The Misappropriation Of Feminism

It seems like feminism is everywhere these days. From our favorite pop stars claiming the movement to popular clothing stores co-opting the movement to push merchandise, feminism...


To make up or not to make up?

The choice to wear cosmetics is a choice that most women are forced to make at some point in their life. Is a woman making a statement if she chooses not to? Should she be shamed...


Dude, Don’t Call This Lady A Bad Driver!

Are men really better drivers than women? Depends on how you define “better”. Are Asians truly bad drivers? Define “bad”. In this episode, Alana and Jacklyn delve into...


Minorities, Women, & The Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics have come and gone. Team USA lead the way as the most gender diverse and ethically diverse team to participate. Woo hoo! However, there is still work to...


How To Be A Good Ally

With all of the oppression in today’s world, the word ally has been a buzzword of sorts. But what does it actually mean to be an ally? (Hint: it’s a verb, not a noun). In this...


The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish

The Crusaders and protectors of White Supremacy, aka The Alternative Right, have a fetish for Asian women. It’s a bewildering mix. Alana and Jac analyze the where this...


Sexual Harassment in Hollywood – Part 2

    In their first two part series for the Black & Yellow podcast, Alana and Jac tackle the difficult topic of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Yeah,...


Sexual Harassment in Hollywood – Part 1

  In their first two part series for the Black & Yellow podcast, Alana and Jac tackle the difficult topic of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Yeah,...


The Ugly ‘E’ Word

Think the word ‘exotic’ is a compliment? Alana does, but Jacklyn is different. In this episode, A & J get into a spirited debate over the problematic word. What side of...


Most Dateable

This week Alana and Jackie tackle a surprisingly complicated subject. Who is the most dateable dating demographic in the U.S.?  What makes someone dateable and someone else not?...


Mammies, Jezebels, and Barbies

      Black women have been objectified, stereotyped, and pathologized in film and TV for decades. Alana and Jacklyn discuss the harmful tropes preventing Black...


Prostitutes and Dragon Ladies

  Asian women have been stereotyped and misrepresented in movies and television for decades. Alana and Jacklyn discuss the most prevalent tropes facing Asian women in the...


Is The Model Minority A Myth?

What is a model minority, and who is lucky (or perhaps unlucky) or enough to carry this title? Alana and Jacklyn unpack this trope to see who the Model Minority Myth helps and who...


Racially Woke

This is the pilot episode for the rad new podcast Black & Yellow. Pull up a chair, settle in, and get to know our hosts Alana J. Webster and Jacklyn Chung-Young.


Black & Yellow Podcast

We are pleased to announce the Black & Yellow Podcast will be joining ZyteHeist.  Forward-thinking feminists Alana J. Webster and Jacklyn Chung-Young don’t hold back when...