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Join hosts Christian Humes, Alex Marinello, Dan Weine, and Tom Caswell as they discuss games and the culture surrounding them. Each episode we bring you new and engaging Pokémon facts, the greatest in on and off-topic complaints, hilarious reader mail questions, and a variety of original podcast games you can play along with. Check it out, and stay Unranked.

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Christian Humes
Alex Marinello
Dan Weine
Tom Caswell

Owner and Producer at ZyteHeist, appearing as Host on ZyteHeist Podcast, Unranked, Wishboning and Watch World. Christian is a long time video game enthusiast with experince in the industry. When he's not producing or hosting a number of the shows on ZyteHeist he can be found running events such as Hamiltunes or playing dodgeball.

Christian can also be found on all forms of social media.

Twitter: @Christian_Humes Instagram: @Christian_Humes

Alex Marinello loves Dunkin Donuts. As King of Tunatopia he lords over the minutia of everyday interactions. His complaints section is unrivaled, and he is known as the master of podcast games.

Twitter: @TunaTargaryan

Dan Weine is the sports guy of the group, keeping us updated on big stories in real life as well as offering his opinions on the latest versions of sports game franchises such as Madden and MLB The Show.   During the Video Game Election Dan impressed with his various voices and imagination.  He is never afraid to say the most inappropriate comment possible, often making show hosts and listeners cringe while trying not to laugh.   Dan is also the creator and host for the popular podcast game RTGG (Rate That Game Game).

Twitter: @BigDan815

Tom Caswell is a Host on Unranked and contributor and guest on ZyteHeist and the ZyteHeist Podcast. Tom also is a contributing writer for SyFy, and a Video Producer at Gizmodo. Formerly Tom covered games at GameZone.com

Twitter: @GreatBriTom

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129 – Et Tu, Unranked?

The final top 5’s for August! Join in on our best lists ever! You really don’t want to miss these.


128 – Destiny Arrives

eSports are serious business ya’ll Cast: Christian Humes, Dan Weine & Tom Caswell Pokémon: 128 – Tauros Games: Madden ‘18, NFL 2k, eSports, Pokémon Silver, Destiny...


127 – Oats Aren’t Fruit

It’s our beer themed episode, oh and a crap ton of Super Smash Bros. info dropped. Cast: Christian Humes, Dan Weine & Tom Caswell Pokémon: 127 – Pinser Games:...


126 – It’s An All-Purpose​ Tongue

When Tuna’s away, the boys will play. It’s the summer of ranking, bringing you top 5’s all summer long. Strap in and strap-on for the record-breaking, longest...


125 – Rude Boy

*Slaps roof* You can fit so much podcast in this bad boy. Get ready for one of our most stacked episodes to date. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello & Tom Caswell...


124 – SmarterChild Scams

Everything is better when you’ve got a partner, whether that’s co-op or online dating, this episode has you covered. Cast: Christian Humes Alex Marinello & Dan Weine...


123 – Pickled Onion Monster Munch

Talk about stoking the flames, this is a hot one. Possibly our rowdiest episode ever. Cast: Christian Humes Alex Marinello, Dan Weine & Tom Caswell Pokémon: 123 –...


122 – Is Mr. Mime Ash’s Dad?

Everyone is here! It’s our mid-season draft for the 2018 Fantasy League! Find out the current scores, the final rosters and the big bet we made for this season. Cast: Christian...


121 – You Probably Shouldn’t Miss The Podcast

An intimate discussion on today’s doubles episode. Christian and Dan go off the rails and produce one of our most flavorful episodes to date. Cast: Christian Humes & Dan...


120 – Shout Out

Recovering from a week of non-stop games and events the Unranked crew discusses their thoughts on the games and their time together. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello &...


119 – Live Show

Our E3 live show with Nintendo Cartridge Society! For those of you who couldn’t see us with your eyes, you can now listen with your ears! Cast: Christian Humes, Alex...


Unranked E3 Specials!

We had so much E3 bonus material! Here it is all in one place! PrE3 – Waiting For The Stink To Begin A special start to a special week long event. New episodes everyday!...


118 – Countdown To E3

    Come see us live! E3 Live show Wednesday, June 13th, 8:30pm at the Impro Theatre! Our last episode before a week of firsts. Our first live episode, our first in-person...


117 – Happy Birthday

      Things get pretty tense with a lot of back and forth about food, birthdays and a whole lot of gaming news. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello, Dan Weine...


116 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

We are joined by Matt Acevedo of Hyper RPG & Vault for this very Nintendo episode and one of the best emails yet. Cast: Christian Humes, Dan Weine, Tom Caswell & Special...


115 – Apples Are Green

We all hung out and got drunk for the first time in person! Don’t forget to hit up our twitter for the Ice Bucket Challenge. No more talking! So let’s get to it. Cast:...


114 – We Always Go There

An extra spicy episode filled with a lot of listener mail, complaints, and a new podcast game. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello & Dan Weine Pokémon: 114 – Tangela...


113 – Power Hour Dos

The Cinco Sequel. We’re back for the second power hour of the year. It would be impossible, to sum up, what happens in this episode, but It gets loud, messy and nasty. We...


112 – We’ll Fix It In Post

Unsolved mysteries be damned, this is a job for the Unranked podcast. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello, Dan Weine, & Tom Caswell Pokémon: 112 – Rhydon Gaming...


111 – Sorry We Missed Your Call

We asked you to call in, and you delivered. Our first episode with Listener Voicemail. Cast: Christian Humes, Dan Weine & Tom Caswell Pokémon: 111 – Rhyhorn...


110 – PAX Party

    The east coast Unranked crew hit up PAX East for a fun weekend. This is their crazy story. Cast: Dan Weine, Alex Marinello, & Tom Caswell Pokémon: 110 –...


Unranked at PAXEast

The boys are up at PAX East this weekend. Keep up with their whole adventure on Twitter. For all our PAX East nonsense, follow this! https://t.co/OOFw49YfxW — Unranked...


109 – Drain Me

Since Dan has been out for two weeks we catch up in this mostly off-topic episode filled with fun, fortune, fights, and friends. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello & Dan...


108 – Sea of Peeves

Tom loses his audio (again?) we have a google voice number ((805) 738-8692 CALL US) and Alex has to pee really bad. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello & Tom Caswell...


107 – Luigi’s Erectile Mansion

The cast of Same Day Shipping crashes the show to talk about the heat Luigi is packing and so much more. Check it out for this very special episode. Cast: Christian Humes, Kelly...


106 – Our Grossest Episode Yet

There was a Snorlax sized load of news this week, time to start digging through it. Going bowls deep to mark 2 years of staying Unranked, kick off another year of fun and games...


105 – That Is One Big Pile Of News

There was a Snorlax sized load of news this week, time to start digging through it. Cast: Christian Humes & Tom Caswell Pokémon: 105 – Marowak Gaming Discussions: The...


104 – Cubone’s Brain Cranium

Alex delivers some big news and goes on a tirade about cleaning his oven. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello & Dan Weine Pokémon: 104 – Cubone Gaming Discussions:...


103 – Look It Up Yourselves

Co-op episode has us all over the place. Lots of news, complaints and some serious rebuttals. Cast: Christian Humes, & Alex Marinello Pokémon: 103 – Exeggutor Gaming...


102 – Alex’s Infractions

Your favorite girls are here for a gender swapped podcast of video games and bs, this week with a special helping of complaints. Cast: Christian Humes, Dan Weine, & Tom...


101 – Intro to Bubble Bobble

    100 under the belt and the guys are looking forward. 2018 games are starting to release, and we’re playing the best of them.   Cast: Christian Humes, Alex...


100 – Power Hour Celebration

  Welcome to 100! We collected your questions, and over the course of an hour answerd them for you while also getting quite drunk. Thanks to everyone who helped us get here!...


099 – Big Meaty Claws

Episode 100 is this Sunday at 12PST 3EST on twitch! Send us questions for our first ever power hour live show. Email@UnrankedPodcast.com The final episode starting with zero. See...


098 – It’s Super Mandela Effective

Episode 100 is this Sunday at 12PST 3EST on twitch! Send us questions for our first ever power hour live show. Email@UnrankedPodcast.com Only one more episode in the countdown to...


2018 Video Game Fantasy League

Announcing the 2018 Video Game Fantasy Publisher League. Full page here. You and up to three friends can play as your own publisher. Select 4 titles from each platform, and the...


097 – Sick Fantasy Draft

I won my first Solo Chicken Dinner! Then, uh, I guess a few more cool things happened. Check them out on episode 097. Episode 100 is right around the corner! Send us questions for...


096 – Some Assembly Required

    Episode 100 is right around the corner! Send us questions for our first ever power hour live show. Email@UnrankedPodcast.com Right out of the gate starting 2018...


095 – Super Holiday Super Show 2

It’s the Holiday Super Show! Our second year bringing you an entire episode of Podcast games. Full cast, four games, and all nonsense. Sit back, relax, listen and play along...


Side Quest: 1 – 2 “How Bazaar”

Our Heroes have passed their first test and find themselves in a new location. Their special recognition will be tested along with their finances in our second episode.  ...


094 – Why Those

  Christian and Tom discuss playing more PUBG, have some amazing reader mail and play a great game. Happy holidays everyone. Cast: Christian Humes & Tom Caswell Pokémon:...


093 – The Last Jeopardy

  Everyone makes it to the show this week to discuss our time playing PUBG, HQ, and a whole lot more. There’s a great new game this week (seriously) so sit back, relax, and...


092 – Winter is Coming (soon, but not yet)

We recorded during the TGA show and answered your questions. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello, Dan Weine & Tom Caswell Pokémon: 092 – Ghastly Gaming Discussions:...


091 – A Videogame Comedy Podcast

A look back at our series as we look forward to the next big episodes, everyone has a lot to say during this episode. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello, Dan Weine & Tom...


090 – Yosha

Give thanks for it is the blackest of all Fridays. Spend your day with the Unranked podcast. Today, Christian talks with Tom about joyous holiday. Cast: Christian Humes, & Tom...


Unranked: 089 – Send Help

We witness the end of this years fantasy league, and then we take some of the most important reader mail ever. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello & Dan Weine Pokémon: 089...


Unranked: 088 – Season Two

Everyone shows up for the season premiere of the Unranked podcast. New music, new games, same jerks. Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello Esq., Dan Weine & Tom Caswell...


Unranked: 087 – #1, #2, & 3 Vs HQ

Christian and Tom contemplate what new innovation Alex has for public restrooms. Then we take on the hit new trivia title HQ and see if our combined efforts lead to some sweet...


Unranked: The New Cast (not really)

Before we embark on our journey into a DnD fueled adventure we need to create characters. In this new podcast game, our hosts will be beginning an epic campaign. This won’t...


Unranked: 086 – Party of Five

Joined by Mrs. Brittany Marinello the entire cast comes on to the show. We left in a few of the hiccups from this sloppy episode for you all to hear.

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