Rare is Sailing In The Right Direction

Last month Sea of Thieves launched to much fanfare, but after only a few short weeks the excitement of the game has tapered off dramatically. The giant oceanic playground Microsoft and Rare cooked up was a brilliant display in team-based mechanics. The biggest complaint and reason behind drop-off has to do with the limited number of things to do in the game.

For that reason, it was a very welcome announcement when Rare detailed the first in a series of upcoming content updates for the game. In a strong show of support for their current player base Rare also announced that none of these upgrades would be sold as DLC, making them free to all players.

A number of updates are coming with the first arriving in May. The first update will include what has been dubbed “The Hungering Deep” which focuses on a new enemy type and event

Many other things are planned for the future, more cosmetics, items and even pets. We’re excited to see Rare keep their promise of support and look forward to this next update. I’m personally hoping that Alex Marinello will finally get actual anchors on these pirate ships at some point in 2018.

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