Is Marvel Prepping The Eternals for the MCU?

Marvel continues to pull no punches in the lead up to Avengers Infinity War. The upcoming film will be the beginning of the end for what Marvel has dubbed its third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With only Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 left to follow up Infinity War we are left to speculate what comes next.

We already know that Guardians 3 will be kicking off Phase 4, but there’s a hot new rumor first posted by Bleeding Cool News that Marvel is developing The Eternals into a live action series.

Bringing The Eternals into the MCU makes sense with the impending end of the Guardians trilogy and a continued expansion into a more cosmic universe. They would similarly provide yet another relatively unknown face to the public for Disney and Marvel to shape into their own.

For now, this is just a rumor with no confirmation, but everyone anticipates an upcoming announcement soon from Disney about what their actual plans are. Until then, we will continue to wait for Thanos’s spectacular arrival at the box office.

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