Victoria Mahoney Announced As Second Unit Director For Star Wars Ep IX

Just moments ago Director Ava DuVernay revealed an amazing bit of info about Star Wars. On her twitter, she announced that Victoria Mahoney will be the second Unit Director for Star Wars Ep IX. She will be working with Director J.J. Abrams in creating the final chapter in the Star Wars saga.

Here’s the original tweet.


Victoria then followed up in response with the following

This is an incredible and welcome announcement. Recently Star Wars has come under fire for its lack of representation in lead production roles such as writing and directing.

Ava DuVernay was previously rumored to be someone Disney wanted for Star Wars, which she has publically stated she was not interested in working on. It’s great to see her celebrate this moment with Victoria for women, specifically women of color who are underrepresented in the film industry.

Although Victoria Mahoney is not the main Director she will get to make her mark on the film. Bringing in herexperience e from projects like Greys Anatomy she will be given space to make her own impact on the shots she is responsible for.

This is great news all around, especially for women of color in film and everyone should celebrate this decision.


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