New Nintendo Hardware Soon?

In an interview with the BBC, GM of Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning & Development Division a Mr. Shinya Takahashi made a statement regarding new hardware. As pointed out on Resetera, the most interesting fact about this is the unprompted nature of his statement.

In the interview Mr. Takahasi was asked “Do you think the success of the Switch has come as a surprise?” to which Mr Takahasi responded with the following:

“Nintendo constantly works on hardware, so we have been doing research and development. So you may see the new system sometime in the future.”

Since then many places have reported on this statement. With some theorizing that we may be seeing a Tegra 2 powered Super Switch or a mobile only Switch Mini at this upcoming E3.

The truth is Nintendo is always working on new hardware, and it’s more likely this could be referring to accessories that go along with the device. New Joy-cons or add-ons similar to the upcoming Nintendo Labo. What is not likely in the immediate future is a Switch 2, although there have been lots of rumors and speculation about a cheaper mobile only switch device. Nintendo is also known for strange patents, odd accessories and vaporware like the Vitality Sensor so we must keep this in mind when considering hardware.

With E3 a mere 2 months away it’s best we sit tight and wait to see what if anything Nintendo has in store for us.

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