Is this The End for Agents of SHIELD?

Agents of SHIELD which is currently on it’s 5th season has yet to be renewed. Fans are growing more worried by the day as we wait to see if the show will be cancelled or not.

A recent listing by Disney had the show on a list of upcoming season premieres, a temporary cause for celebration. That was until a new listing for the season finale revealed it’s title ‘The End’.

Does this mean we are nearing “The End” of the series? It’s a pretty ominous title that has everyone worried. There are two other considerations, it could be simply The End of the world referencing the current arc, or it may tie into Infinity War, which Agents of SHIELD has done many times before when movies come out.

Either way we will be finding out sometime next month, and hopefully before then we will hear news saying Agents of SHIELD has been renewed.

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