Are They Still Making a Halo TV Series?

Found on Resetera it appears as if the long-anticipated and even forgotten about Halo live-action series is still on the slate for production.

Even more curious is the update by Production Weekly that Showtime is prepared to begin production this fall. Fans may remember Steven Spielberg is helming this project if you don’t remember this don’t worry. It was announced all the way back in 2013 during the Don Mattrick years of Xbox.

Most people expected this to have been canned along with other planned live-action projects when Xbox One’s failed media first strategy was upended. It appears as if this was not the case and they have simply been waiting for the appropriate time.

Could this be a sign of the 6th and presumably final chapter in the current Halo arc is about to be revealed? It’s possible, I wouldn’t expect to see a new Halo game in 2018, but a fall 2019 release for Halo 6 alongside a live-action series seems like a great fit.

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