Introducing Same Day Shipping

Have thoughts on Reylo? How do you feel about Mario & Sonic? Ever consider the implications of a steamy on-call room at the hospital? If you're like us then your personal feelings towards our favorite fictional characters inter and cross universe relationships needs a bigger and better outlet.

That is why we  are very excited to announce Same Day Shipping has joined the ZyteHeist community! The kind of shipping that doesn't involve gangplanks or or khaki shorts. Same Day Shipping is here to fuel all of your deepest needs.

About the show

Prepare to explore the deepest, sexiest regions of fandom with the pop culture obsessives of SAME DAY SHIPPING! Kelly Nugent, Patrick Ehlers, Colin J. Morris, and Ryan Mogge get alarmingly personal whether debating intergalactic trysts or calling out problematic Disney Princess relationships. Movies, TV shows, comic books, video games – nothing’s off limits…not even real life!

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Kelly is a voice actor, comedian, gamer, internet nerd thing doer, and lady of too many podcasts! She is a Twitch affiliate solo streamer and can also be found on Saving Throw Show and HyperRPG doing various nerdy things. She is cohost of Teen Creeps, a podcast in which she and Lindsay Katai discuss the YA pulp fiction of their awkward neon youth; Hellmouthy, a Buffy podcast she co-hosts with Ryan Mogge; and Thank You For Questing, a improv RPG podcast following the adventures of three unlikely characters on their journey to become heroes!

Twitter and Instagram: @kellynugee

With such a wonderful cast and broad appeal Same Day Shipping will be the perfect compliment to the ZyteHeist community.


Catch up with the show!


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