Unranked: 088 – Season Two

Everyone shows up for the season premiere of the Unranked podcast. New music, new games, same jerks.

Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello Esq., Dan Weine & Tom Caswell
Pokémon: 088 – Grimer
Gaming Discussions: Mario Odyssey, Xbox One X, Battlefront 2, South Park: SoT/TFBW, Fortnite, Extra-Life
Etctera: Grimace, Old People, Cpt Planet, Game Show Hosts
Podcast Game: *Campaign Ep 1 (On bonus episode in the feed.)


This episode had some amazing twists and turns. The biggest is the truth behind Grimer.


Turns out Grimace, the once famous McDonalds mascot is actually just the pokémon in its solid form. Simply add heat to melt the purple monster and you get the toxic pokémon.

There is so much more to hear in this episode. We also have a special extra episode this week in place of the game, it will be out in the days following 088’s release.


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