The Xbox One X Box

The new Xbox One X came out today. We debated long on how to best cover the device. I could have done a live stream, an unboxing, or an in-depth technical analysis.




Instead, we have a few photos and .gifs because we know what the people want. For instance, above you see a lovely new Xbox One X Box.


Nov-13-2017 15-22-21


Here we see the back of the Xbox One X and it’s wide array of ports.


IMG_0504 (1)


This is the front of the Xbox One X, as you can see this model is the special Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.


Nov-13-2017 00-05-33


The Xbox One X box included a vertical stand for the Xbox One X. Here we have the Xbox One X in a verticle orientation propping up the Xbox One X Project Scorpio controller.


Nov-13-2017 15-27-21


If a picture says one thousand words, then this article is at least 6k words. (yes I know the .gifs are 10fps but we can’t afford to be so fastidious)




A final and complete shot of everything inside the Xbox One X box.

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