Unranked: 087 – #1, #2, & 3 Vs HQ

Christian and Tom contemplate what new innovation Alex has for public restrooms. Then we take on the hit new trivia title HQ and see if our combined efforts lead to some sweet coin.

Cast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello, & Tom Caswell.
Pokémon: 087 – Dewgong
GamingDiscussions: Extra-life, Mario Odyssey, Cuphead, Pokémon
Etcetera: Bathrooms, Reader Mail, Super Powers, The Netherlands, Sneezure
Podcast Game: *Provided by HQ


Turns out, not everyone thinks this adorable guy is a cool design.

That’s why I ran him through Google Deepmind, and let their AI solve that problem.


Fun fact: Dewgong can apparently learn dream eater.

Help us choose which Teleperk is best.

Unranked - Extra Life.jpeg

Don’t forget we have Extra-Life starting 3am EST/12am PST Nov 5th! Tonight!

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