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The official Podcast of ZyteHeist.com Pop-Culture, Comedy, News and a moderate amount of decorum. Every day is filled with crazy news, awesome announcements, and far too many shows. No one person can be expected to keep up with it all. Let our family of podcasters guide your through the week. Sit back, relax, and take a moment.

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Christian Humes
Emily Langston
John Murphy
Chris Bramante

Christian is the creator of ZyteHeist. He hosts and produces the networks podcasts, appearing on ZyteHeist Podcast, Unranked and Wishboning. Christian has a background in production that primarily focused on Cinematography before shifting into producing. You can find Christian and more of his work here at ZyteHeist.com

Twitter: @tweethumes
Instagram: InstaHumes

Emily Langston, biological birth mother of Christian Humes, alleges that she is a real human person who “definitely” feels things. She received somewhere between a poor and mediocre education in the Georgia public education system and did not graduate college because graduating college is for rich people. She has been studying and performing improv for the past five years with the Charlotte Comedy Theater, UCB and iO West. However, she did not complete courses with the latter two because taking classes is for rich people. Emily has very few qualifications for shouting her opinions to the internet, but she can’t seem to stop. An outlet for this is her blog, Shut Up Emily and the Zyteheist Podcast. Critics have voted her most handsome host on the show, with Christian coming in second and John dead last. She looks forward to meeting all of you in person.

John is a Los Angeles based screenwriter and podcaster. Originally from Phoenix, John is also a dual American/Canadian citizen, so he could totally leave if things really start to go south in the next year or two. When he is not writing animated TV and Features, John enjoys reading the classics, writing about the odd questions in life that go unanswered, or just generally crushing anything he puts his mind to. John doesn’t believe in the Illuminati, but very much knows the Illuminati believe in him.

Chris is a writer, musician and improviser who performs/creates with musical comedy collective Robot Teammate and makes solo music under the moniker Amontiock. He co-hosts Buffy podcast Sunnydale Study Group with Omar and is GM of fantasy roleplaying gameshow “The Gauntlet” on Hyper RPG.

website: chrisbramante.com
Twitter/Instagram/YouTube: @Amontiock

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Episode Posts


Two Birds Zero Hooters

Back At It No politics this week, just good old pop culture and travel plans Topics Weddings, Palm Springs, Atlantic City, Bachelor Parties, Bird Scooters, Hooters, Boobs, Butts,...


Back At it

Back At It We on that news cycle again. After a reprieve from the nightmare that is our constantly encroaching doom we return to discuss the latest happenings in politics and...


Nude Bigfoot Erotica

Nude Bigfoot Erotica Looking into August we can see plenty of new releases as we gear up for the fall, check out what we are looking forward to the most.   Topics Mission...


SDCC 2018

We discuss all the Comic-Con Announcements! Topics: San Diego Comic Con, Mythbusters Jr., James Gunn, Brooklyn 99, Birthdays, Aquaman, Godzilla, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Teen...


Treason Summit

Another week another controversy, welcome to the octagon that is America. Topics: San Diego Comic Con, Donald Trump, Putin, Treason Summit, Sharting, Mid Term Elections, Who Is...


Eat The Rich

Allowing the political climate to take a backseat so we can discuss the Mr. Rodgers documentary and rank the Fab 5 from very best to best. Also Happy Birthday to Emily! Topics:...


Here We Go Again

A big news week! Some terrible, some bad and some goof. Also it’s the start of the month so let’s talk about upcoming releases. Topics: Capital Gazette Shooting...


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  Allowing the political climate to take a backseat so we can discuss the Mr. Rodgers documentary and rank the Fab 5 from very best to best. Also Happy Birthday to Emily!...



Catching up on a big week of news. Lots of great new releases and events mixed with even more chaos. Topics: Stranger Things comic series announced Luke Cage Season 2 Voltron...


E3 Unranked Invasion​

    Unranked Podcast takes over ZyteHeist in this special and crazy episode. Listen & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Pippa.io or wherever you get your...


Big News Everyone

  Joined by guest Analise Nelson host of Popular Music the Podcast we go over the last week in popular culture. Topics: Thank You For Questing Pokemon E3 WWDC Apple Netflix...


Solo: A Star Wars Story

The big Solo event! Spoiler Alert! This episode contains spoilers for the latest Star Wars film. Cast: Christian Humes & Tom Caswell Topics: Solo: A Star Wars Story Listen...


Battle Royal Wedding

Christian, John and Emily discuss the Royal Wedding Topics: Royal Wedding Politics France   Listen & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Pippa.io or wherever you get...


Ladies Love Prawns

  Christian and John talk about the latest happening of TV and pop-culture Topics: Agents of Shield Prawns France West World Wishboning Listen & Subscribe on Apple...


This is Donald’s America

Christian and John dive into spoiler culture, Donald Glover’s big week, and underhand free-throws. Topics: -Donald Glover -This is America -SNL -Infinity War -Solo A Star...


Avengers Infinity War

This week we discuss the biggest movie release of all time Avengers Infinity War. This is your spoiler warning. We discuss every moment and breakdown each scene. Listen &...


Big Screen Streaming

Christian and Emily discuss a week of movie news, if Emily will read Infinity War spoilers and Instagram. Topics: -Watch World -West World -Instagram Algorithms -Netflix -Star...


The Inmates Take Over The Asylum

Emily and John run the show tonight and get into our fanciest discussion ever. Topics -Michael Cohen -France -Google AI -Watch World -Best and worst of Christian Humes Listen...


The Problem With Michael Cohen

The ZyteHeist podcast has been raided and we’re here to talk about the implications. Cast: Christian Humes & John Murphy Topics: West World Michael Cohen Trump Mueller...


Off World

After some time away Emily returns from her trip and the whole gang is here ready to catch up. Cast: Christian Humes, Emily Langston, John Murphy Topics: NY West World Ready...


Make Politics Boring Again

Omar Najam & Chris Bramante hosts of Thank You For Questing & Sunnydale Study Group join the show to discuss this week in pop-culture. Cast: Christian Humes, Omar Najam,...


Cambridge Analytica has the Soul Stone

The Infinity war trailer is here, we break it down while Cambridge Analytica continues to break down society, let’s get into it. Cast: Christian Humes, John Murphy & Tom...


Wait a minute, did Katy Perry kill a Nun?

Hollywood gossip, shoplifting, ax throwing and porn stars, this week had it all. Cast: Christian Humes, Emily Langston & John Murphy Topics covered: Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes...


The Oscar For Biggest Cable News Meltdown Goes To…

The Oscars, the subpoena, and the celebs. Cast: Christian Humes, Emily Langston & John Murphy Topics covered: The Oscars Creature From The Black Lagoon Hell Boy Netflix Movies...


Nude Spas

Catching up after a week off John & Emily discuss their time away. Cast: Christian Humes, Emily Langston & John Murphy Topics covered: Nude Spas Pokemon Day Trump American...


Black Panther – Wakanda Forever

The mostly Black Panther review episode. Cast: Christian Humes, Emily Langston, John Murphy & Tom Caswell Topics covered: Gun Control The Bachelor Bases and mostly Black...


Be Mine

A special Valentines episode with Host Christian Humes and a special guest Cast: Christian Humes & Therese Andrews Topics covered: Elon Musk Falcon Heavy Valentines Day...


The Super Bowl Paradox

  America’s favorite celebration, The Super Bowl! Join us as we discuss the big events from the last week and this momentous occasion. Cast: Christian Humes, John...


Secret Sniper

Jack Kelly of Jack Loves TV joins the show this week. We discuss some of our favorite things of the week including those viral videos which tug at our heartstrings. Cast:...


Enter a world of imagination

Mia Resella of Thank You For Questing joins the show as a special guest. Cast: Christian Humes, Emily Langston, and Mia Resella (Thank You For Questing) Topics covered -Moving...


News from a flat Earth

Imagine if our toilet hadn’t backed up this last week. What would the headlines and the news be talking about, we discuss in this brief reprieve. Cast: Christian Humes,...


Oprah 2020

This week we discuss why or why not Oprah as President is exciting. Cast: Christian Humes & Emily Langston Topics covered in this weeks episode -Oprah & Golden Globes -The...


New Year, New You

Christian, John, and Emily discuss the holidays and a small look back at 2017.


The Last Jedi Recap You’ll Ever Need

SPOILERS! We watched The Last Jedi, then we talked about it, a lot!


Star Wars, HQ Trivia & The Disaster Artist

Welcome to the official podcast of ZyteHeist.com Christian Humes, John Murphy and Emily Langston re-introduce themselves in our premiere episode. Christian goes deep on The Last...