Episodes 31-40

Terrified Terrier
The Red Badge Of Courage
The Tempest 2010
Man In The Iron Mask

Listen along while you watch the episode with us in our first Watchbone!

Wishbone portrays the story of a Union soldier in the novel The Red Badge of Courage. A story of overcoming fear and belonging, in internal, interpersonal and military conflict. In Oakdale Joe has to overcome his own strife, as he abandons his loyal friends for a new group of children.

John and Christian watch the classic 1951 film The Red Badge of Courage.

Wishbone plays the part of sprite Ariel, serving the magician Prospero on his island in William Shakespeare's "The Tempest.". Oakdale puts on it's own version of the play, complete with pranks from Damont, and a production directed by David.

John and Christian sit down to discuss the 2010 version of The Tempest.

En garde! Monsieur John and Christian grab their rapiers and dive into the classic story of The Three Musketeers! Joined by returning guests Matti and Lottie Frow, we unpack the journey of D'Artagnan as he tries to join the the exclusive King's guard, thwart the evil Cardinal Richelieu, and avoid the advances of the wicked Milady. In Oakdale, Wishbone helps the school's Janitor find and capture the sneaky science class rat known as Mort.

Today we discuss the The Musketeers inspired film The Man in The Iron Mask

Hercules Unleashed
Viva Wishbone!
The Entrepawneur
City Slickers 2

It's an legend of epic proportions. Wishbone takes on the myth of Hercules and his 12 labors. We are joined today by special guest, and inspiration for the series Abbey Fenbert.

John and Christian watch and then discuss the Disney animated cartoon Hercules.

Ellen befriends a young man who has recently lost his own mother, which causes Joe to wrestle with his jealousy. To help him, Senora Julia, an old friend who is like a second mother to him, tells him the story of Juan Diego (played by Wishbone, of course) and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Guest Chris Bramante joins John and Christian to discuss The Entrepawneur. Joe starts a grocery delivery business, but learns that his single-minded pursuit of money could cost him his friendship with Sam and David. In the fantasy sequence, Wishbone tells the story of Midas and his golden touch.

John and Christian watch and discuss City Slickers 2

Pantin' at the Opera
Phantom of The Opera
Dances With Dogs
Dances With Wolves
Rushin' to the Bone
The Big Lebowski

Joined by guest Jeanette Benzie host of the "Bad Psychology" podcast, John and Christian discuss the latest episode of Wishbone.
After a magazine article is published praising Ellen's computerized library cataloging system, mysterious things begin to happen at the library reminding Wishbone of The Phantom of the Opera

John and Christian discuss the 2004 Joel Schumacher rendition of Phantom of The Opera.

Wishbone becomes a Native American warrior in the Dakota tale told by visiting storyteller Lee Natonabah. Joe and David volunteer to tell their own family stories as well at a story-telling performance, which leads to Joe feeling inadequate in his father's shadow.

John and Christian discuss the classic film Dances with wolves

Wishbone stars in a Mr. MacPooch dog commercial. The play, "The Inspector General" by Nikolai Gogol.

John and Christian sit down to discuss The Big Lebowski during this weeks episode.