Episodes 31-40

Listen along while you watch the episode with us in our first Watchbone!

Wishbone portrays the story of a Union soldier in the novel The Red Badge of Courage. A story of overcoming fear and belonging, in internal, interpersonal and military conflict. In Oakdale Joe has to overcome his own strife, as he abandons his loyal friends for a new group of children.

It's an legend of epic proportions. Wishbone takes on the myth of Hercules and his 12 labors. We are joined today by special guest, and inspiration for the series Abbey Fenbert.

Joined by guest Jeanette Benzie host of the "Bad Psychology" podcast, John and Christian discuss the latest episode of Wishbone.
After a magazine article is published praising Ellen's computerized library cataloging system, mysterious things begin to happen at the library reminding Wishbone of The Phantom of the Opera