Episodes 18-30

One Thousand And One Tails
Mixed Breeds
The Canine Cure
The Pawloined Paper
Bark To The Future
Paw Prints of Thieves

Open Sesame! Opening our doors and welcoming back Lottie Frow Cole to Wishboning. This weeks episode is based on the classic tale One Thousand and One Nights. The classic story about an Arabian King who continues to lop off the heads of his brides to be once they bore him.

John and Christian have a field day with this latest installment of Wishboning. The fun doesn't end there however, David receives a new computer. How will the kids of Wishbone react to their first foray into the world wide web?

On this episode of Wishboning, titled Mixed Breeds, John and Christian go guest-less as they uncover the duality of man in the literally classic Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. In the novel, Wishbone plays the character of Gabriel John Utterson. He's on a mission to uncover the truth behind the renowned Dr. Jekyll's experiments and its connection to a mysterious asshole named Mr. Hyde, who terrorizes the local pubs at night in 19th century London.

In Oakdale, Wanda finds a fresh experience with a new man who performs a lawsuit-proof Elvis Presley act at the local pizza joint. This leaves her current boy toy, poetry maestro and lute enthusiast Mr. Pruitt, to wonder what's going on and causes him to act out of the ordinary in front of the his class.

Being a dog is rough, being a hypochondriac is even harder. Oakdale's own Nathaniel Bobelesky the hair style mogul, and slap-shot stopping goaltender suffers from a serious a illnesses, or dose he? Wishbone is on the job to keep his right to stay inside and prove Nathans mom is as much of a faker as Molière's The Invalid. Find out what happens on this latest episode of Wishboning.

When your integrity is on the line, how far will you go? A single piece of paper containing information that can ruin a life must be recovered. John and Christian will discuss this scenario. Based on the classic Poe work The Purloined Letter, one of the worlds first great Detective stories.

Great Scott! In this episode, actor/director Kari Lee Cartwright joins John and Christian as they explore the H.G. Wells classic, The Time Machine. In Oakdale, Joe is having trouble in his math class. He just doesn't get percentages. When David offers him a calculator, Joe thinks he's found his solution. But he'll learn that sometimes a helpful tool can turned into a obstacle. Will Joe figure it out before the big test? Will the time traveler find a way from the distant future? Find out on this episode of Wishboning, titled Bark to the Future!

Join John and Christian as they go down the merry adventure of Robin Hood. Merry guest Emily Langston accompanies the hosts during this classic tale. Wishbone takes the sheriff head on, meanwhile Joe tackles a similar class injustice in Oakdale.

Robin Recap & Pride Preview
Furst Impressions
Pride & Puppies
Prince And The Pooch
Trading Places
The Counts Account

We are moving to Thursdays! Before we do join us for our first Pupcast! A short episode to give us a moment and make sure we touch on any lingering details from the previous episode. We also take this time to have general wishbone discussion, and supply a small preview for the next episode. Pupcasts will air on the off weeks between normal episodes. That means more John and Christian, now once a week! On thursdays!


In this episode, Furst Impressions, John and Christian grab some punch and head to the dance floor with Wishbone as they explore the original party story, Pride and Prejudice. Their guest this week is writer/director and Jane Austen fangirl Yulin Kuang. In Oakdale, the big summer social dance is coming up, but rumors about potential dates might derail the friendship between Joe, Sam and David. Episode highlights include a discussion about British Aristocracy, Awkward Junior High Dances, and the Theories on Human/Dog Romances.


On this week's Wishboning pupcast, John and Christian review Joe Wright's 2005 adaption of Pride and Prejudice, and the differences between it and Wishbone's take on the classic tale. They also preview their next episode, The Prince and The Pooch.


Trading places, eh? John and Christian explore Mark Twain's body switching classic, The Prince and the Pauper. Newcomer and English immigrant Will Watt guests on this very special episode that dives into the original Parent Trap tale. In the Oakdale story, Joe thinks that being a coach is easy. That is, until Mr. Barnes lets him try and lead a tee-ball team of 5-year old girls. Joe's mental state will be pushed to it's limits when his young adversaries, Emily and Tina, would rather just pet Wishbone than actually play ball. Will he coach the team to victory? Will the Prince or the Pauper find happiness in their new lifestyle? Tune in to find out!


John and Christian discuss additional thoughts on the Prince and the Pooch. We follow up that episode by watching Trading Places, a movie inspired by The Prince and The Pauper, the novel of our latest episode.


On this episode of Wishboning, John and Christian explore the most famous tale of revenge and the original vigilante origin story in Alexander Dumas' literary classic The Count of Monte Cristo. In Oakdale, David's snow machine is hijacked by Damont in order to troll Wanda's spring garden, but when the gang tries to get their revenge, Wishbone becomes an unfortunate victim. Guest Alex Marinello joins the show for this exciting episode, titled The Count's Account!

The Count of Monte Cristo
Salty Dog
The Muppets Treasure Island
Little Big Dog
The Little Giants
A Dogged Expose

John and Christian discuss the 2002 Count of Monte Cristo film, before teasing our next episode.

Beware the Black Spot! TK Lynch returns to the show to set sail on the pirate ship Wishbone; Steered by Captain John Paul Murphy and First Mate Christian Humes, we make our way through the classic novel Treasure Island. Meanwhile Sam leads a discovery in Oakdale, finding their own treasure and getting caught in a life or death situation.

Join John and Christian as we tackle The Muppets Treasure Island, following up the most recent episode of Wishbone.

Those cursed Philistines! On this episode, John and Christian are joined in studio by returning guest Will Watt to discuss the biblical legend of David and Goliath. In Oakdale, Mr. Barnes buys a sweet new convertible for David and his family. But when he shows it off to Sam and accidentally breaks off the side mirror, David Barnes will face his own Goliath: the guilty truth. This episode will explore the true questions we all want to here. Is David and Goliath the original sports underdog story? Just how manipulative is David’s sister Emily? Is a two state solution beneficial for both Israel and Palestine? Find out on this very lively episode of Wishboning, titled Little Big Dog.

John and Christian tackle a modern version of David and Goliath in The Little Giants

Something is amiss, and it's up to world famous detective Sherlock Holmes to discover just what it is! John and Christian tackle the second Sherlock Holmes episode of Wishbone, covering the story of a Scandal in Bohemia. Meanwhile riddles and devious acts are also being committed in the town of Oakdale, and it's up to Sam and Wishbone to put a stop to it.