Heroes, we need your help! A location is requiring assistance with a special mission and you creatures are exactly the kinda friends we’re looking for. Up to the challenge?

All you’ll need is your team, a 12-sided die and your spirit of adventure. Let’s get questing!

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Thank You For Questing! is a collaborative game where all the players, characters and GM*, build the world and face challenges together. There are no right decisions or wrong decisions, only fun ones.

Playing is super easy. At the beginning of the game, everyone will build their characters [more on that in a bit] and roll up an adventure [more on that in a bit in a bit]. After that you will kick off your story! Make up some fun NPCs**, get to know the town, check out some shops, museums and taverns, etc. Then plot out a way to complete the mission at hand.

Any time the characters face a challenge, whether it’s unlocking a door or convincing an NPC or winning a singing contest, the players will roll a d12 and the GM will roll a d12. Players will add their Character Modifiers and the GM will add the Challenge Modifiers. The person with the higher number decides what happens! It’s that simple.

* a GM is the Game Master who will represent the world **an NPC is a non-player character that the GM will play as


Each character gets two stats: Might and Cheer.

Might is strength in any form. Can you lift things with your body? Can you lift things with your mind? Can you stay calm while a beastly prince sings to you from a dusty library window?

Cheer is your ability to get along with people and party. Are creatures naturally attracted to your character? Can you come up with an icebreaker to chat up a robot polar bear? Do you instinctively know where the nearest tavern is?

You have a total of 6 character points that you can divide between your Might and Cheer stats any way you want, as long as Might + Cheer = 6.

So if you want a perfectly balanced character you will have 3 Might and 3 Cheer. If you want others to do your bidding for you, you could have 1 Might and 5 Cheer. Or possibly you have 6 Might and 0 Cheer, and you’re striking out with that Banshee.

These stats are your Character Modifiers. You will add these numbers to your rolls. Add your Might to a Might roll, add your Cheer to a Cheer roll.

Now, what kind of creature can you play?

Any kind! Bird, elf, floating praying mantis or sphinx frog, any creature imaginable or unimaginable! Play whatever represents you the best, you hero.

This next section refers to charts below. If you have any questions, send them to #ThankYouForQuesting on Twitter!


Use the charts below and roll a d12 to come up with the what [chart 1] and where [chart 2 + chart 3] of your mission. You will combine your rolls from chart 2 and chart 3 as a single prompt and together create the land.

Once the characters have explored the land for a bit, the GM will introduce challenges to either prevent or assist the characters in completing the mission. All challenges will be either a Might challenge or Cheer challenge. Feel free to interpret those in any way you all see fit.

Players will roll their d12 and add the appropriate modifier. Then the GM will roll their d12 and add a Challenge Modifier [chart 4]. Whoever has the highest roll + modifier number decides where the story goes! The mission ends when you all want it to.

If you want to play with tools, weapons and spells, see those rules next to chart 4.

And that’s it! Roll your mission, build the land, come up with a plan, overcome challenges and return with stories. Let us know how it goes!

Have fun and keep questing! - your friends at TYFQ


Roll your d12 to see what mission the characters will have to accomplish


Roll your d12 to see what type of land the characters will be exploring


Roll your d12 to see what environment the characters will be exploring


GM can add these modifiers to challenges depending on the difficulty level


Want to reward players for risking rolls? Hand out tools, weapons and spells.

These can be given out any time a player rolls 6 or more points than the GM and can be used by the player at any point in the game. When used, they allow the player to roll twice against the GM and use the higher roll.

Tools work for Cheer challenges, Weapons work for Might challenges and Spells work for either.


These are all one-time use items.

Show credits: Mia Resella, Kelly Nugent, Chris Bramante, Omar Najam & Analise Nelson

Game design: Calder CaDavid, Leslie Wishnevski & Omar Najam

Thank You For Questing! is part of the ZyteHeist network and can be found anywhere podcasts are available


Special thanks to John Harper and The Doubleclicks because this game is heavily inspired by Lasers&Feelings

We hope you enjoy the game! #ThankYouForQuesting