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Welcome to Watch World, an episode breakdown and reaction podcast hosted by John Murphy and Christian Humes. Listen for detailed anyalsis, speculation and commentary on the most recent episodes of our favorite on going series. Beginning with West World we will post new episodes for you to hear the day after they are available to watch. Following Season 2 of West World we will continue to have new episodes available for large movie releases, and TV series such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and more.

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John Murphy
Christian Humes

John is a Los Angeles based screenwriter and podcaster. Originally from Phoenix, John is also a dual American/Canadian citizen, so he could totally leave if things really start to go south in the next year or two. When he is not writing animated TV and Features, John enjoys reading the classics, writing about the odd questions in life that go unanswered, or just generally crushing anything he puts his mind to. John doesn’t believe in the Illuminati, but very much knows the Illuminati believe in him.

Christian is the creator of ZyteHeist. He hosts and produces the networks podcasts, appearing on ZyteHeist Podcast, Unranked and Wishboning. Christian has a background in production that primarily focused on Cinematography before shifting into producing. You can find Christian and more of his work here at

Twitter: @tweethumes
Instagram: InstaHumes

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