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Sunnydale Study Group is a podcast about Buffy The Vampire Slayer. We are not going episode by episode but instead are celebrating the various aspects of the show (characters, storylines, locations, music, etc) and using those to have fun conversations with our guests and YOU the listener! 

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Chris Bramante
Omar Najam

Chris Bramante is a mortal acolyte of the demon Anyanka and avid peanut butter cup enthusiast.

When not engage in the bidding of the Order of Arashmahar, Chris is a writer, musician and improviser who performs/creates with musical comedy collective Robot Teammate and makes solo music under the moniker Amontiock. You can find him as the mythical creature Acryllis on ZyteHeist’s “THANK YOU FOR QUESTING!” and as a co-host of Buffy podcast “SUNNYDALE STUDY GROUP” along with Omar Najam.

He looks forward to obsessing over Buffy and Angel with you over at @SSGPodcast!

Twitter/Instagram/YouTube: @Amontiock

Omar Najam is a writer, director and aspiring imagineer currently living in Los Angeles. He has been a Buffy fan since he was a child sorting candy to FX reruns of season 2 episodes. In his downtime he likes to watch Buffy, read about the philosophy of Buffy and chat about Buffy. He is also the GM on the podcast Thank You For Questing! and director of the webseries Fictional Fares.

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Sunnydale Study Group

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