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Prepare to explore the deepest, sexiest regions of fandom with the pop culture obsessives of SAME DAY SHIPPING! Kelly Nugent, Patrick Ehlers, Colin J. Morris, and Ryan Mogge get alarmingly personal whether debating intergalactic trysts or calling out problematic Disney Princess relationships. Movies, TV shows, comic books, video games – nothing’s off limits…not even real life!

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Kelly Nugent
Colin J. Morris
Patrick Ehlers
Ryan Mogge

Kelly is a voice actor, comedian, gamer, internet nerd thing doer, and lady of too many podcasts! She is a Twitch affiliate solo streamer and can also be found on Saving Throw Show and HyperRPG doing various nerdy things. She is cohost of Teen Creeps, a podcast in which she and Lindsay Katai discuss the YA pulp fiction of their awkward neon youth; Hellmouthy, a Buffy podcast she co-hosts with Ryan Mogge; and Thank You For Questing, a improv RPG podcast following the adventures of three unlikely characters on their journey to become heroes!

Twitter and Instagram: @kellynugee

Colin J. Morris is a L.A. based comedian with access to several of his friends' and family members' streaming accounts. He uses these to obsess over television and movies that were released a decade ago. This is an asset that went long overlooked in hollywood until he applied this uniq skill set to commenting on fictional relationships on Same Day Shipping. Colin can be found performing music and improv comedy all over Los Angeles as well on his podcast, Indy Cred, co-hosted by Sexy Tornado's Zane LaRue Dickinson.

Twitter/Instagram: como1787


Patrick is a comedian and writer in Los Angeles. He is the co-host of the Nintendo Cartridge Society podcast with Mark Mitchell, and one of the gang of obsessive dorks on Same Day Shipping. Patrick is co-founder and editor at the comic book discussion site Retcon Punch, where's he's written way too much about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 


Twitter & Instagram: @Patrick_Ehlers

Ryan Mogge is an improviser and TV-obsessive. Not one to passively enjoy her entertainment, you can find her doing deep dives at @RetconPunch or ranking Buffy's leather coats as host of @Hellmouthy (hint: the red one is the best). Ryan performs regularly at Nerdist School and drinks too much Diet Mountain Dew for a grown up woman.

Twitter: @rmogge
Instagram: @rmogge


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Episode Posts


Puppet Ships and The Meg

Ships from The Meg quickly turns into an overall critique of the movie, a condemnation of Colin’s funnboy persona, and back rub train. Then the Happy Time Murders have us...


Breakfast Ships and WoW

The Shippers try their best to take a husband’s letter from the front lines of the Battle of Azeroth seriously, but like, honestly, who calls it a “computer room”? Then...


Impossible Ships

Would you be able to forgive your SO for a lifetime of writing songs about their ex? Like, the songs all indicate that they are not over it - can you ever move past it? Plus, a...


The Podcast is Dark Tonight

Normally, the shippers answer your questions! But tonight, things got a little hectic, so they pose the questions to you. Listeners! Have answers to Colin, Kelly, Patrick, or...


Colin Hates the Beach

The summer of sequels continues! In an attempt to un-Scrooge Colin the Shippers talk beach ships, San Diego Comic Con, and what happens in a romance if your S.O. forces you to...


Disney Ships Volume 2

  The summer of sequels continues with a return to one of the Shippers’ favorite topics: Disney movies! Newsies! Fox and the Hound! Cinderella! The Lion King! Plus we’ve...


Pop Ships 2

  This week Patrick, Colin, and Mogge are talking pop song ships, bad vacays with your BFF and whether it’s okay to ship Sims of your friends. Also, the gang chooses which...


Tiny Ships

If you made a wish for a cute boy to love you and, as a consequence, you become famous, that’s just cool, right? Like, that’s a zero-conflict proposition. (Poor Gordo.) Then,...


Cop Ships

What’s a girl to do when her date wears a Captain America shirt every time they go out? You ask about it, but put a little stank on it, right? Then the Shippers move on to the...


Jurassic Ships

Do we need a fifth entry in the Jurassic franchise? Yes, if only so our shippers can devote an episode to finding ultimate ships for all the characters. Plus, Ryan and Patrick are...


Weekend at Bernie’s and E3

Sometimes you fall in love with a corpse! What’s a body to do? Accept your life as a necrophiliac or leave town and never speak of this again. Then, we talk Ships from E3 2018!...


Beach Party and Lady Ships

Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 12, Ocean’s 13, Ocean’s… 8? It’s time for a soft reboot (which Colin is totally okay with, btw), but this time with all ladies! So we’ve got...


Read Ships and Homicidal Love

Look, we all like bookworms, so sometimes we gotta ship some bookish ships. In celebration of Book Club (the movie about horny older women discovering 50 Shades – IT LOOKS...


Solo Ships and Fateful Consequences

What do you do when an ex comes crawling back? Especially when you’re pretty sure they’re on their same bullshit, just gussied up like it’s something new? And...


Quip Ships and Romance Novels About You

There’s a new Deadpool movie in theatres, which means the Dips are shipping quippy couples! Gilmore Girls! The Avengers! Sports Night! His Girl Friday! Listen & Subscribe on...


Motherships and 50 Cars

Look, we all like bookworms, so sometimes we gotta ship some bookish ships. In celebration of Book Club (the movie about horny older women discovering 50 Shades – IT LOOKS...


Swimming Ships and Bosch

Everybody in the pool! It’s time to discuss Swimming Ships! The O.C.! The Abyss! Waterworld! Little Mermaid! Drop Dead Gorgeous! (Does that last one count?) Plus, the Shippers...


Avengers Infinity War Part Chris

No ships. Just Chris. Listen & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Be sure to leave a review and share with your...


Mythships and #TheTrunksAreBack

From American Legends to Xena Warrior Princess, your hosts have mythological ships on their minds. Plus, the Shippers answer the question: When are novelty underpants ever...


New Kids and A Match Made In Space

  Hollywood Hot Shot Colin J. Morris couldn’t make it to today’s show, so instead, he calls in with a not-actually-a-question about Back to the Future. Then the Shippers...


Parent Ships and Future Selves

  If we can’t call Zack and Miri Make A Porno, “Make A Porno”, then we can’t call Blockers “Cock Blockers”. Either way, we just gotta talk about parent ships in...


Dog Ships and Away Teams

  Daphne and Velma separates a pair from the main team and THEN WHAT HAPPENS? Something we can ship?! What other team could stand to have two member siphoned off to explore...


Giants, Jerks, and Giant Jerks

  Pacific Rim 2 is out TODAY, so your Shippers have got some big, big, big-big-big (like, skyscraper-sized) ships to discuss. And because they’re all huge dorks, that means...


X Marks the Ship

  What do you do when the charming rakish gentleman you’ve been chatting with ends up being a student of Super Seducer? You buckle in for another two hours of conversation...


A Wrinkle in Time, YA Ships and Colin’s Coupon Query

  A Wrinkle in Time looks like it’s gonna be crazy, and it’s got the Shippers thinking about their favorite ships from Young Adult fiction. From Animorphs to Lemony...


Infidelity and Infinity War

  After Avengers Infinity War’s new release date throws your Shippers for a loop, they set their sights on Infidelity Ships. Turns out, The Office is full of homewrecking...


Pop Song Ships and Cloverfield Paradox

  There’s no parallel-universe-problem that can’t be solved with murder, right? If they can’t solve the Cloverfield Paradox by killing, the Shippers can at least pick...


“I’m Dating a Troll!” and Ships at First Sight

Your shippers are experts in many things, but what happens when they blindly pick ships from IP they’re completely unfamiliar with? A brand new relationship between captain and...


A F*cking Bet & Olympic Ships

Our newest show has a new episode, come listen!     Special guest, Jen Kleinrock, joins the shippers to help decide: what do you do if your prom date only asked you out...