Adam Savage Is Returning To Mythbusting

A personal hero of mine Adam Savage announced he will be returning to television later this year. Discovery revealed that they are developing MythBusters Jr. with Adam Savage and the 10 episode series will launch in late 2018.

Adam Savage and former Co-Host Jamie Heineman concluded their Mythbusters series after over a decade in 2016. Since then Adam has been working primarily on live shows and his website

Adam had this to say about his return to T.V.

“I’m so excited to be returning to Discovery to work with these kids on a new incarnation of the show I love so much,” Savage said in a statement. “To be able to confront them with great questions and the resources to answer them is such a dream. Helping to inspire future scientists and engineers is a mission I share with Discovery.”

Regardless of their penchant for needless (but cool) explosions, it’s of my own opinion that Mythbusters was an important series to a generation of makers and young scientists. Adam returning to TV with the goal of growing a more scientifically engaged and curious generation is an exciting proposition, and I expect the show to be phenomenal.

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