Introducing Thank You For Questing

Today we are excited to announce Thank You For Questing is the newest podcast in the ZyteHeist family. Joining our other series, Thank You For Questing is going to shine like the imaginative minds who created it.

Thank You For Questing! is a (mostly) improvised fantasy rpg show where the players can, at any time, change the details of the universe by rolling against the GM. In this story, three creatures from the sleepy town of Willow Creek embark into the greater world to become heroes, traveling to locations inspired by holidays, seasons, and celebrations from our world. But despite their plucky personalities and colorful characters they meet, a dark secret casts a shadow on their adventure..

Artwork by host and illustrator Mia Resella

Listen to our First Episode: Clock Town - Chapter 1
Our heroes meet each other and are sent on an incredible, high stakes quest to deliver a letter to a post office.




The Cast of TYFQ Left to Right: Kelly Nugent, Chris Bramante, Mia Resella, Omar Najam



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